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Gifts of Distinction NZ


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“Friendships should be like books – few but hand selected.”

This is a perfect gift box for a groomsman or any special man.  Manly and sophisticated.  It is simply the natural choice.


  • An Organic Shaving Soap made from Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil that will provide an excellent smooth, clean shave.  Essential Oils of Sweet Fennel, Clove, Lime and Patchouli were chosen for the qualities they can induce:  Strength and Valor in the face of adversity, Protection, and Courage, Raises energy, Sharpen the wits and banishes Lethargy.  
  • Matching stainless steel Shaving Dish and a luxury vegan shaving brush which matches the performance of badger bristle without the cruelty. 
  • Soft and sumptuous hand towel and matching facecloth.  Colors and brands may vary.  
  • 200 ml Gentleman Jack Whisky. Tasting Note: This Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey differs from the Old No.7 Black Label in that it is the only whiskey in the world twice charcoal mellowed (once before and once after ageing), creating an exceptionally smooth whiskey with a rich rewarding taste.
  • A custom designed gift box and ribbon

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