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As far back as can be remembered gifting has been an important expression of appreciation, love, respect and acknowledgment.

Every culture has its own traditions and customs for gift giving.

At Gifts of Distinction our dedicated team has worked diligently and tirelessly to develop a form of gift giving that will both inspire the giver and delight the receiver. We understand how important it is to create lasting and meaningful connections between people.

For the giver we want to make your experience seamless and easy while providing that meaningful result you will be looking for.

For the happy recipient, the gift will be a memorable one. One that will help consolidate important connections.

We have taken great care in sourcing our products, both far and wide and locally. Thoughtful attention to detail has been given to bring to you artfully curated gifts that are both beautiful and useful.

"The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value".     

-Charles Dudley Warner

We aim to make your gifting experience both satisfying an enjoyable!

Gift Boxes NZ - Gifts of Distinction


“The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke” -Jerzy Kosinski

With great attention to detail we present our gifts in a beautiful custom designed gift box with a textural finish. The gift box is completed with a satin, hand tied, Tiffany bow. The result is classic and elegant, with a personal touch that shows how much we care.

We take time in our product styling. Each gift box is thoughtfully curated with a particular outcome in mind. Our aim is to provide useful and beautiful gifts, underpinned by quality. Gifts that will be memorable.

From gifts that become thoughtful gestures to more luxurious options for the all-important client, loved one or occasion, we have it covered.

We strive to “make giving an art form” and in doing so help connect people in ways that become important and meaningful for them.

Our mission is to make your gifting experience simple, streamlined and simply superb.


Mike & Shirani

Thank you so much for my wonderful gift of distinction! Every aspect of this gift was well thought out and unique. Each individual item in the box hit the mark perfectly. We will definitely be ordering these gifts for our clients and partners in the future.

Mike & Shirani

Drew & Tamlyn

The gift box we received was absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful inside and out with such a lovely selection of items. Everything fit together so perfectly, and it was such a treat for us. Thanks!

Drew & Tamlyn


Truly a work of art! You could immediately see that everything was thoughtfully placed and styled right down to the detail. I loved the sophisticated colour palette, gorgeous textures and luscious scents. A beautiful yet functional collection of products I cannot wait to try!



Today we see a trend toward a time of yesteryear with an added sense of functionality. It feels a little like ‘coming home’. A nostalgic nod to the past but with an appreciation for modern day living in mind.

Our selection of gifts which are designed to express ‘appreciation’, ‘get well’ and ‘simply because’ have included thoughtful and carefully considered products.

For the more substantial offerings we have equally selected our products with careful consideration and styled these accordingly.

Our more luxurious options provide a sense of pampering and will leave you feeling just a little spoilt and indulged! Great for the special someone in your life. Or for maintaining important connections with your clients. They will love you for it!

Our gifts to ‘Welcome Home’ and ‘Congratulate’ are curated with options that are both delectable and useful. A special something to remember long after the gift has been received.

Our baby options incorporate treasured keepsakes.

We also have a range of corporate gifts ready for selection. Useful and beautiful collections. A point of difference that will make you stand out and be remembered.


With a background in interior design and real estate, I understand how essential it is to make a difference when gift giving.

It is so important to ensure that the entire gift giving experience becomes a memorable one, to consolidate important connections.

Our products are sourced far and wide and locally. We incorporate many artisan and craft products, featuring these in many of our gift selections.

We work along with incredible individuals and companies who demonstrate a similar commitment to achieving a standard of excellence and share our passion for providing a great customer experience!

We hope you enjoy making your selection.

Making Giving an Artform. Gifts of Distinction.