Who We Are

We are innovative and creative thinkers. Hard working and dedicated to any given task at hand, resourceful, fun, ready to see the sunny side in life, and highly focused on helping our customers achieve the outcome they are looking for with gift giving. We take care of all the details along their journey. From concept to delivery, our customers will enjoy a relaxing experience.

What We Do

From gifting concepts to final delivery we take care of the process seamlessly. Quality is paramount to us as we believe this is a more sustainable way of gifting. We approach our gifting with thoughtful intention to achieve a personalised and meaningful connection, no matter what the gifting occasion might be.


Michele has an interior design background and has spent many years in the real estate industry.

Recognizing a gap in the marketplace, she explored her vision of a gifting business that offers unique gifts with a sustainable approach and luxury overtone. Michele wanted to curate gift collections that are as unique as those receiving them.

Some years later and going strong, Gifts of Distinction continues to connect people in meaningful ways. Their journey is all about making a difference in peoples lives.
Michele loves every moment of taking care of her clients and customers gifting needs.

Our Vision

We desire to ease the challenges of modern day gifting. Our gifts are curated with the utmost care and are as individual as those receiving them.

We select our products carefully for their quality, function and beauty. Together they will help take our customers on a wonderful sensory journey and develop meaningful connections.

Allow us to make your journey a joyful and meaningful experience.

  • Stefan Walker

    Fantastic service, fast delivery high quality products received in a beautiful box. Highly Recommended.

  • Shona Addison

    My Gifts of Distinction experience was excellent. The goods arrived promptly, were gloriously boxed and the recipient was thrilled with the elegant selection. Thanks Michele for the great service. I'll be back!

  • Angela Boyle

    Gifts of Distinction were amazing! Michele made the process extremely easy and we received our gift boxes very quickly. The boxes themselves were put together beautifully and it was a pleasure to give them to our clients :)