THE ART OF GIVING - Part 3 -Up Close and Personal

THE ART OF GIVING - Part 3 -Up Close and Personal

In the final part on the ‘Art of Giving’ series, we share some tips and ideas on giving for those that mean the most to you in life. It's about giving from the heart.

Throughout history gift giving has been made as an expression of acknowledgement or appreciation.  And no better reason should a gift box be given than for love.  Whether that be for a family member or a close friend.

You will know the person quite well and perhaps have a good understanding of what they like and what they do not like.  So, you might think choosing a gift would be a little easier. Think again.

Much more is at stake when making a gift ‘up close and personal’.  There is often an unspoken expectation.  You will not want to disappoint.  You will want the recipient to be thrilled with the gift.

Not only is their reaction going to matter but it is also going to matter how it will make you feel!

So, give thought to the main event (the one item they would absolutely love) and build on this main event with supporting products. You will also need to think about the color palette and perhaps the theme of your gift.

Color has a tremendous impact on our emotions, and you will want your gift to hit the mark, the heart!  Just as a rule of thumb, warmer colors such as red, orange, yellow tend to invoke a sense of energy, quickness, excitement.  Cooler tones such as blue, green will soothe,calm and relax.

When you present a gift box that is themed and has an appropriate color palette the result will be an elegant, desirable gift box which no doubt will wow your loved one! 

For example, you have decided to gift your dad something special.   He loves to BBQ and is quite the outdoors sort of man with culinary interests.  You decide on a theme – BBQ

The color palette needs to be manly and strong.  You decide that the main event of your gift will be a stunning full BBQ apron made from soft and pliable buffalo hide.  You add to this main event supporting products such as a BBQ tool that is simply brilliant along with a cookbook, some gourmet spices, and marinades. 

You style these well-chosen products in a beautiful and thoughtful gift box, finished off with a personal hand written note.  Suddenly you have a stunning, fabulous Gift Box ready to be given with all the love you feel for the best dad in the world!  It will not disappoint!

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