Curating gifts work table

How do you curate a Gift Box?

I have been asked this question so I thought I would share some insights behind the scenes.

Firstly, here are basics you need to know:-

  1. You need a Vision for your Brand/how you want to be perceived
  2. Have a Purpose for each curated gift box and the Target market identified
  3. Planning and Preparation for each unique Gift Box
  4. Selection and Styling of products
  5. Final Quality Control and Delivery

When I began the company, I started out with a vision.  The vision was simple.  I wanted to bring to people of all demographics gifts that were unique and as individual as those receiving them. I wanted customers to have the best gifting experience possible.  

How do we do this?

Each gift box is curated with a theme in mind based on the target market we are exploring.  During our planning and preparation we bring in samples to have a little play around with products.  This helps us with evaluating the look, feel and touch of each product and to see if they will work as combinations within the gift box and play to the theme chosen.

Inspiration for our gift box themes come from many different areas of life.  But more on that another day...

All the products are carefully sought out and quality is our top priority.  We feel less is more.  Better to select a quality product and have it for years to come than a cheap product that may not last too long. Most discerning people today know that quality equals value and represents a more sustainable lifestyle. 

To bring our customers curated gift boxes that provide a unique gifting experience, we carry a lot of special products.  In fact, we are currently working with upwards of 300 unique products.

Once our selection of products has been made, we prepare each gift box with some filler and tissue paper to ensure the safe transportation of each item within the gift box.  Each product is carefully styled to provide an all-round visually appealing presentation.

We enclose our gifts with custom designed tissue paper and a personalized box card insert, some of which provide some detail on individual products within the gift box.  Custom notecards are also included at this point.

Our custom designed gift boxes have a beautiful textured finish to create the ‘touch’ experience.  We finish our gift boxes off with a contrasting satin ribbon tied in a Tiffany bow.  This allows our customers to open their gift with minimal fuss.  Simple and elegant.  Uncluttered with a luxurious overtone.  The result is a beautifully presented curated Gift Box as individual as those receiving them. 

Although I have shared some insights from a professional perspective, the principles herein can be used by most to curate a beautiful gift.  We hope you have great fun doing this and the result will be simply perfect for you.