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Hard Times & Luxury

Although you may feel its becoming a distant memory, what is the one thing you absolutely longed for after the COVID 19 Level 4 lockdown?  Takeaways? A perfectly made coffee? A haircut? A spa or massage? 

While these are considered as luxuries by many, some see them as a lifeline to one’s sanity, an absolute must have!  Even during hard times, and often because of them, we long to indulge ourselves to feel a sense of reward and, yes, even purpose!

But let us for a moment take a step back in time. Louise XIV of France created a state of luxury that began a defining legacy.  The Palace of Versailles can still be viewed today, which is a prime example of this. 

During and post-world wars, people found ways to bring little luxuries into the mix.  The coveted pair of silk stockings, chocolates, alcohol.  Through ‘under the counter’ and black-market bootleggers these little special and luxurious treats found their way into the hands of many who simply needed that ‘feel good’ and defining experience. 

American Industrialists expanded on the luxury legacy with their drive for power and commodities on an excessive scale.  Luxury vehicles, defining pieces of jewelry, watches and wines entered an exclusive marketplace. 

Today we see luxury vehicles like the Bugatti La Voiture Noire selling for more than US$19million, with apparently only one ever made for a buyer not identified, according to sources.  Such is the defining power of luxury. 

We all long for that which we may have become accustomed or for that which we might strive.  And most especially, paradoxically, during hard times.  However, as a ‘new consumer’ emerges luxury has become a subjective commodity.

While some may expect luxury to define their status in life, others define their life with luxury through the experience it brings.  

Most will never afford a luxury statement such as the Bugatti La Voiture Noire, but the vehicle you choose may be luxurious to you, thus providing you with a defining sense of purpose.

We all want the feel-good experience.  Most want what they have to say something about who they are.  And as part of the ‘new consumer’ group, they can enjoy luxury on their own terms.

This also translates to how we give gifts. Since our gifting says a lot about who we are, it should be undertaken with care and thoughtful intention. 

We make gifting easier for you.  Carefully selected quality products all thoughtfully curated and presented in a custom designed gift box with a textured finish and a hand tied Tiffany bow.  Simple, elegant with a sense of luxury. 

Allow us to create a defining gifting experience for you with Gift Boxes as individual as those receiving them.