Why should you give a Settlement Gift?

Why should you give a Settlement Gift?

As someone with experience in the Real Estate industry, I have put together 4 Reasons why you should present your clients with a Settlement Gift.


  1. It is a way to express appreciation for the trust they have placed in you. You have done a great job and have just been handed a massive commission for your efforts.  The trust your client has put in you was well placed.  Dignify your client and express your sincere appreciation for this trust by selecting an appropriate Settlement Gift. 


  1. It engenders loyalty. You will win the respect of your client with a well-chosen Settlement Gift.  It is really the cherry on top of the ice cream.  The little extra that makes a world of difference.  When you make a person feel special and validate them in this thoughtful way you will build meaningful and lasting connections with your clients.


  1. Referrals. This is an essential avenue for any real estate agent’s business. Make your client want to rave about you through a personalized and thoughtful Settlement Gift. Your Settlement Gift should say something about the way you feel about your client and the trust they placed in you as an agent.  Choose your Settlement Gift carefully and it will keep on giving as your clients continue to rave about you. 


  1. Time to Celebrate. An appropriate and well-chosen Settlement Gift is a wonderful way to make this happen.  It is a celebration in a Gift Box. 


We have a selection of curated Gift Boxes to suit most expectations.  These Gift Boxes are as individual as those receiving them, providing you with an important point of difference.