Why do we Give Gifts?

Why do we Give Gifts?

To understand the reason behind this, knowing a little about the origins of Gift Giving might useful.  As far back as can be recorded Gift Giving has been an important part of peoples lives. 

The reasons have been varied, such as the 'feel-good' experience one might get from doing a good turn for another to securing personal favor of a king or showing allegiance in times of war.

Today Gift Giving remains an important part of cultures throughout the world.  In some shape or form Gift Giving is an expression to reflect our personalities and expresses acknowledgment to another for one reason or another.  It is a material and social exchange that is common across human societies and instrumental in maintaining social bonds and expressing one’s feelings. 

In short why do we give gifts?

For the most part, today, Gifts are exchanged because it makes us feel happy to do something nice for another person.  This in turn may improve our state of mind, as the giver  expresses a positive self-concept and feels generous and valuable.

There is also a greater social connection as a result.  This is definitely a win-win situation as both the giver and the recipient of the gift both feel happy and develop their relationship accordingly. 

It is also contagious!  Have you ever been in a room when someone begins to laugh and for no other reason than enjoying the moment of their mirth you start to chuckle quietly or give way to the fullness of the mirthful experience?  Well gift giving is a little like this.  When someone experiences the joy of giving and receiving, you tend to want to ‘pay it forward’. It can be a powerful influence for good in our lives. 

Never underestimate the value of Gift Giving.  And never wait for a special occasion to express yourself in this way!