Sympathy Gift Box

What are the best Sympathy Gifts?

How do you give the appropriate sympathy gift and what does that look like? 

It is important to ensure that your gift is seen as a sincere expression and is appropriate for the individual receiving it. 

There are several things to consider before deciding on the type of gift you will give.

How well do you know the individual?

If you know the person very well, a more practical or personalized gift would be best suited. 

Perhaps items that would be more useful in nature, such as foodie products, soaps, bathroom items.  This may tide them over in an exceedingly kind and practical way, during an otherwise difficult time. The unsaid message is that they can count on you.  This is particularly comforting during a time of grief.

In another situation you may be wanting to express your sincere condolences, but you perhaps do not know the individual as intimately. A gift that is more about comfort and acknowledgement would be appropriate. 

For this situation it is best to consider products that express a certain value and usefulness along with a bit of extravagance. 

Some examples you can confidently gift are bath salts, scented candle, a bottle of fine wine, chocolates, notebook and pen, tea and a special teapot – you may be surprised at how therapeutic these sorts of gifts will be during time of grieving.

The type of gifts you would choose for this situation are gifts that allow the recipient to feel valued and appreciated.  Something to allow them to breathe a small sigh of relief and sense the feel of proverbial comforting arms around them.

Particularly important to remember, in any of the above situations, is to hand write a card and include this in your gift.  I know I do not need to tell you, but it should always be written with genuine warmth and sincerity. 

Sympathy gift boxes are a wonderful way to express yourself when words at times fail to be as eloquent.  It is comfort in a box, beautifully and thoughtfully gifted.