Couple of hearts propped against wooden wall

What are Best Gifts for Couples?

Two hearts that beat as one.  Couple gifts can be both easy and complicated.  Let me explain..

He loves the real Blokey things and she loves soft and feminine things.  How do you marry the two to create a perfect gift for them as a couple?

My advice is to establish the occasion.  Is it for a house warming? Is it for a special romantic occasion? Or a more formal occasion such as a wedding or engagement?

He is a real 'mans man' and she is a woman who appreciates pamper things.  But for a special occasion, you will want to present a gift that touches on both of their natural inclinations and that which they have in common.

Lets say you are looking for a wedding gift.  These are long time friends.  You know them well.  Men tend to love practical items.  Woman love useful but beautiful things.  You think about what they have in common.  The essential first step. They both love to cook ( a match made in heaven you think, with a smile on your face) so you make a start on that premise.  

You choose a gorgeous cookbook for the modern and very busy couple.  Its by Bill Granger, or my personal favorite, Jamie Oliver.  Now you can start to build on this by adding supporting products to round out this soon to be perfect gift.

You think a lovely kitchen combo would work well. It will become a Chefs Collection Gift Box.  It would satisfy his side for the practical and her side to feel pampered and spoilt.  You choose a candle, diffuser and room spray.  All designed for the kitchen.  Along with this you add a few stylish linen tea towels or olive wood spoons.  Overall the products are very special and unique.  They are natural and sustainable and together they will provide the ultimate sensory experience to both excite and delight the couple. The color palette works well.  Modern and sophisticated.  It will resonate with the couple who both have sophisticated and elegant tastes.  The perfect gift.