To Cook or Not to Cook?

To Cook or Not to Cook?

We all have our favourite foods and cooking icons.  Jamie Oliver is a household name and my little sister absolutely loves him!  He is earthy, real and makes one feel like a superstar in the kitchen! 

After watching the movie “Julie and Julia”- 2009, I was inspired to do a 365-day meal plan without repeating a single meal.  I managed 63 days! But I was not discouraged as the process was exciting and so much fun.  A goal for the future!   

So many today are somewhat time deprived.  Perhaps cooking is no longer an affair of the heart as it once was, but rather a mundane necessity to be undertaken with as much haste and efficiency as possible.  Whatever your style, we have some beautiful Collections that have some wonderful cookbooks for you to enjoy.  They take the thinking out of cooking as they present great ideas and easy to follow recipes.  They also include BBQ essentials so that all members of the family can be involved in producing some wonderful options for everyone to enjoy. 

Whether your receiver is a budding gourmet or connoisseur of all things culinary, we have curated collections to fuel their passion and flair.

The ‘Culinary’ Collection includes beautiful essentials for those ready to be inspired. Enjoy browsing our ‘Robust Cook’ Collection with a full buffalo hide apron and cookbook on delicious meat preparations.  The ‘BBQ Essential’ Collection offers a twist on traditional outdoor cooking; ‘The Sustainable Choice’ Collection provides sustainable options from storage to mouth-watering recipes. ‘Vanilla Table’ is a classic Collection with recipes from chefs around the world.   

We hope you will feel inspired as you browse our Collections!