French products out of Gift Box featuring artisan soap, hand towels and French Country book.

The French Connection

What is it that makes the French so, well…French?!  Arguably more than any culture, the French have built for themselves a distinct reputation.  One of romance, art and beauty.  So, what is the psyche behind affinity with French culture?  Perhaps it is their passion.  Passion for love, Passion for Life, the ‘Joie de Vivre’.  It is a passion that is intrinsic to  their culture and shapes the uniqueness of everything that is French.

For instance, although I personally enjoy Japanese cuisine, french cuisine is certainly high up on my list!  Famously the French have fashioned their cuisine into a great art form and as such, have a great worldwide following.  Also think of the love affair with Provence.  Many revel in the luxury found in the simple beauty of the French countryside.

In homage to the love of all things French, we have curated the beautiful ‘French Connection’ Collection. 

We have also included a beautiful Andree Jardin soap set in true french style!

A century ago in Nantes France, Georges-René Julio started out as an apprentice brush maker, soon the brushes became a real passion for Georges-René, and he opened his own factory in 1947.

Today, his grand children Jean-Baptiste and François-Marie have fully taken over the family business and have been producing beautifully crafted products ever since.

To honor the memory of their much loved grandmother, Andrée Jardin, the two brothers gave her name to their new home accessory brand in 2012.

We hope you will fall in love with this collection, which also includes a stunning book on French interiors. This is a perfect gift for Francophiles or those with a passion for the best things in life - elegant interiors, ageless beauty and tradition, and fine food and wine.  

'Prendre Plaisir' -  Enjoy