Hands holding gift box

The Essential Gifting Guide

In ancient Egypt gifts were given to please the gods.  The gifter hoped for a favorable outcome in life as a result.  In many other primitive traditions, we see how gifting became a status symbol.  It demonstrated how you might be able to care for another, such as the offering of a bride price.  It also was a quest to have others see you in a favorable light.

These basic concepts have continued to our time.

The ideal gift will be one that provides an appropriate reaction.  It will be one that will make an imprint on the mind and heart of the recipient.  In other words it will be meaningful and connect you in important ways.

It is also important to remember the way you give and what you give will be a reflection of who you are. 

Today’s modern society is fast paced and efficient.  No frills.  Simple, uncluttered. So how do you present a gift that does not look hurried but intentional?


Here are a few basic steps to guide you along the way.

  • Choose a gift appropriate for the occasion. Is it a wedding or a thank you gift?
  • Ensure the products meet expectations. Will they resonate with the recipient?
  • Choose an appropriate color palette. Colors can impact us emotionally. 
  • Always choose the best quality you can possibly afford. Less is often more in the long run!
  • Never skimp on gift wrapping. Make it a statement as this is an introduction to what is to be found within.
  • Present your gift an appropriate time. Never hurried, but when you are able to linger just enough for the significance of your gesture to sink in with the recipient and do its work emotionally.  If your gift is sent directly, ensure a handwritten card is added for a personal connection. Your message should be sincere and appropriate for the occasion.


We hope you find great joy in your gift giving.  There is always much happiness in giving and receiving.  So, until next time Carry on and Happy Gifting!