THE ART OF GIVING Part 2 – Corporate

THE ART OF GIVING Part 2 – Corporate

What are the best corporate gifts?  How can we leave a lasting impression with our team members thereby consolidating their sense of loyalty to our company?

Branding is an essential part of any company today.  A great brand will not simply convey a name but an image, a lifestyle, it will make you feel better as a person just because you have bought into that brand.  The power of good branding and the marketing thereof is incredibly powerful.

But when it comes to Corporate gift boxes what are we trying to achieve?  Realistically we already have company team members who have ‘bought’ into the brand and love it! 

What corporate gifting should want to accomplish is to express appreciation for their team members, to engender loyalty and further commitment to the brand.  Through their acts of gift giving they want to show that each team member is highly valued and appreciated.  This will enhance productivity and loyalty. 

In order to answer the question ‘what are the best corporate gifts’ we have to approach the act of gift giving in a more personal way. 

Gone are the days of branded mugs, caps and pens.  This just will not cut the mustard if you are serious about making an impression with your gift giving. 

Essential number one consideration are the individuals in your team.  Are they men or woman, older or young?  How many do you need to buy for?  For practical purposes will the gift need to be more generic or can each gift be more personalized? 

Whatever the case at Gifts of Distinction we can help you find the ideal solution for your Gifting.  While some branding is appropriate, we endorse making corporate gifting a more personal experience. 

When your team member receives a gift box, it should say something about how you feel about them.  Which means the budget set should be appropriate to your end goal.  For example, you have a few team members that have just cracked several accounts which have given you an edge over your competitors.  This will increase your turnover and profitability.  Will a cheap bottle of wine make these team members feel exceptional?  Or will the gift become a meaningless exercise and maybe even a bit insulting? 

Think about the individual and consider how to gift your team members in a way  they will recognize you appreciate their work, and because they are great people!

Some great ideas for corporate gift box gifting could be combinations of items which can be themed. Does a team member love to travel?  Why not give a boxed leather luggage tag and travel journal and perhaps a reusable travel mug?  Does your team member love to decorate their home?  What about a fabulous throw and scented candle?  The possibilities are endless.

When you have a more generic approach to corporate gift boxes, it is important to choose quality products that will last.  Each time your team members use them or see them, they will be reminded where they received such a great gift.  Gifting ideas might range from desk items to muscle and stress products which soothe and relax; Leather stationary products to foodie items and great wines or bubbles.  Again, the possibilities are endless.

We would love to assist you with your corporate gift box gifting.  Email us to chat about your requirements.  In the meantime check out our Corporate Gift Boxes 

Allow us to make your gifting experience exceptional.