THE ART OF GIVING  Part 1 – Special Occasions

THE ART OF GIVING Part 1 – Special Occasions

The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value.  - Charles Dudley Warner

In a previous Blog “Why Do We Give Gifts?” I touched on the reasons behind Gift Giving.

Today I want to share specifics around giving on Special Occasions.  Such as weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, graduations etc  This is Part 1 of a 3 part series entitled ‘The Art of Gift Giving’

There is an adage that goes ‘It’s the thought behind the gift that counts.’  Well, this may play a part, however, if not enough thought is given to the gift, it may not be received as it should, with real appreciation.

So how do you make a gift really count? 

Imagine, you are invited to a special occasion, perhaps a wedding or graduation celebration, and it is very exciting.  You know the person quite well and want to show them by means of a gift they are important to you. 

How do you go about choosing the right gift?  What sort of impression do you want to make? How would you like them to react?

First set your budget.  For a special occasion most of us will pay a little extra for a gift.

Next, you will want to think about the person.  How familiar are you with them?  What do they really love?  Are they articulate in their tastes or more relaxed? Are they a foodie or do they love keepsakes?  Are they romantics or stoic in their approach to life and prefer function over aesthetics?

Your choice of gift should reflect their personal tastes.  Many times, we make the mistake of buying something we would love, and not necessarily what the person would love.  So, stay focused!

When putting a gift box together, think about an all-round experience. This is what I call the ‘Sensory Journey’ - taste, touch, sight and smell.  Include products that will underscore this concept.

Use different textures such as wood, metal, crystal, linen. Add great smelling things like a scented candle or products that will engage the taste buds such as chocolates, gourmet foodie items or a great wine or bubbles.

Think about the main gift item they might love.  I call this the ‘Main Event’.  Then surround the Main Event with supporting products to create the ultimate sensory experience. 

For example, my one sister loves all things French and especially loves books and cooking, so I would choose a book about France/French cooking and make this the main event.  I then would build on the ‘Main Event’ with supporting products such as a stonewashed apron made in France, perhaps a gorgeous natural Marseille soap block, a set of French designed waffle towels and perhaps a delectable French wine.  

Once you have completed your gift box selections, ensure your gift is beautifully wrapped with a hand-written message to finish off the look.  Spare no expense here.  This will be the start of their sensory journey. It is also a prelude to what lies within- beautiful products you have spent hours choosing and putting together, especially for them.  

All this effort you have put forth will naturally invoke a more emotional response from the recipient.  You will show yourself to be someone truly thoughtful with meaningful intention behind the act of Gift Giving and their response will be one of real appreciation.  

As a Gifting Professional, I love curating Gift Boxes that will provide meaningful connections between people.  If you are anything like a lot of my friends, you may want a little help so why not browse our beautiful selection of Special Ocassion Gift Boxes.

Until next time Happy Gift Giving!