Simply for the adult palette !

Simply for the adult palette !

Engaging the senses of taste, touch, smell and sight is key to having a great gifting experience.  So I am very keen to include in our gift collections products that will contribute toward this outcome.

As part of this experience we are excited to bring to you a selection of craft and artisan chocolates.  The Remarkable Chocolate Company has a glorious range of chocolate bars and barks.  Close to their heart is the concept of “sustainability, design and a high-quality outstanding taste experience." They produce small batches and the uniqueness of their products is transferred to the end taste.

We have used several of their delectable artisan chocolate products in our gift collections for your ultimate pleasure. 

One of my personal favorites is the Fine White Chocolate blended with pistachio nuts and sprinkled with cranberries. The white chocolate delivers a sweet front to the taste profile, followed by a salty savory middle as the pistachios come to the fore. The cranberries then deliver a tangy finish to round off the experience. It was developed for the adult palette and is simply sensational!  Yum!

Find it in our 'Rustic Elegance' Collection.