Cupcakes and chocolate on table.  Artisan and craft products made with love and included in Gift Boxes.

Made with Love!

We love working with businesses that maintain a strong vision and passion for quality and a respect for the environment.  And we love supporting our local artisan and craft boutique businesses! 

In developing our collections, we wanted to ensure that we included some of these outstanding products for our customers to enjoy. 

Artisan baking that captures the distinct taste of home baking – just like nanna’s baking.  Made in small batches, freshness and attention to detail is maintained.  

We have also included a range of organic crafted chocolate such as Bennetto which is fairtrade, vegan and carbon neutral. They appreciate protecting the delicate ecosystem impacts not just the environment and the people but the animals as well.  The beautiful packaging is adorned by a pair of Peruvian birds and painted by New Zealand artist Henrietta Harris. The Amazonian-natives reference the cocoa source. And the packaging is recyclable. What's not to love?

Our Collections have been curated with great attention to detail and care.  We hope you will enjoy browsing our range and find something you love!