How does Gift Giving connect us?

How does Gift Giving connect us?

I recently came across a short story called 'The Gift of the Magi" by author O.Henry. It was first published in 1905.
It is a gift that personifies quality over quantity, the worth of thought over monetary expenditure.
What struck me was the length people would go to express their love through gift-giving. It is a very touching story and will resonate with many.

Della was in tears, not knowing how to get enough money to buy her beloved a gift for Christmas. So she sells her hair to buy her husband a golden pocket watch chain. She presents the gift to her husband.

He then shows her the gift he had bought for her. A set of ornamental combs for her hair. Jim had sold his pocket watch to buy the combs for his beloved.

They are now left with gifts that neither can use, but they realize how far they are willing to go to express their love for one another and how priceless that love is.

It is extraordinary to have someone express love in this way through a simple act of gift-giving! I bet you are thinking if only...

Today, most of us have a unique opportunity to express ourselves through gift-giving and make connections more meaningful. The way we give reflects our personalities. Usually, the more we care about someone, the more time we consider the gift we buy for that particular person.

I hope you will find something to meet your expectations as you browse our beautiful and artfully curated collections. We would love you to experience a Della and Jim moment in life! Gifting that genuinely connects us in a meaningful way!

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