Gifts of Distinction release New Collections for 2022

Gifts of Distinction release New Collections for 2022

After months of product research, we are finally ready to release several New Collections for this season, 2022.

We chose some artisan products from a local company, The Kiwi Artisan, because of their passion for producing delectable smoked olives, salamis, and truffle oils. We have paired their incredible products with an RTD Gentleman Jack and Cola. 


Shirl + Moss is another new product range we have incorporated into our Gift Boxes. They are a local family-owned company. They have chosen sustainable packaging, using minimal processing and only the finest raw ingredients possible. They craft their chocolate from bean to bar and are fully involved in decisions along the way to ensure the best tasting sustainable chocolate. We have incorporated this stylish and delicious chocolate bar into various Gift Box collections. One of our New Collections is ‘Her Choice,’ which includes Scapegrace RTD, a hand-poured candle, and a chocolate bar by Shirl+Moss.


The Natural Choice contains sustainable and natural products. A native cheeseboard with a brushed gold cheese knife will delight for years to come.

Natural Choice


Our Guest Suite is a superb example of style, beauty, and quality. It features trendy hand towel prints by Bianca Lorenne. Maison Blanche produces evocative fragrances blended with high-quality essential oils and natural oils, creating sophisticated perfumes for your home. They believe that fragrance is a unique expression of identity that should extend into our homes. We love their products, and we think you will too!

Guest Suite


These are our New Collections for this season. Visit our website to learn more.