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Five Gift Box Ideas for Weddings - Part 2

Five Gift Box Ideas for Weddings - Part 2

Receiving a wedding invitation is very special.  The beautiful way in which it arrives with your name so elegantly printed makes you feel like royalty. 

There are two important things to consider now.  What to wear and what to Gift your friends.  I will leave the 'what to wear' for the experts in the field, but for my part as a professional curator of Gift Boxes, I will share some great insights and present 5  Wedding Gift Ideas for you to think about.  

If you know the couple well, your Wedding Gift should reflect their tastes more easily.  It is important to know what will put a smile of delight on their faces. 

Other things to consider is whether they are they coming from an established set up or starting anew together? They may have all the basics so choosing another hot water jug may not be practical or very well received.  But remember, whatever you decide, choose quality over quantity.  

Prepare early as to what you will present as a Wedding Gift. Do not leave this to the last minute as this will undermine the meaningfulness of the Wedding Gift. 

If the couple has a Wedding Gift registry, the hard work is done.  The only work you will have to do is to ensure that the presentation is perfect. 

Rule of thumb here is keep your presentation timeless and tasteful.  Use a color palette that is elegant, not competitive, but rather respectful in its approach. Your Gift wrapping is a precursor to your Wedding Gift inside, so make it count in a meaningful way and choose something that will please the couple.  Finish this with a hand written card.  Give some thought to what you would like to express and make this a meaningful gesture for your friends.

If they do not have a wedding registry set up, here are some ideas that might help you.

5 Gift Box Ideas for Wedding Gifts:-

  • Choose a theme such as a Bathroom Luxe feel.   Decide on a set of quality hand towels.  Add to this Bathroom body products such as hand wash, body lotion, scented candle.  To finish off include a bottle of French Champagne.  Perrier-Jouet Champagne is a perfect Wedding Champagne.  This Gift Box is both Luxurious and practical.
  • A Couples Cookbook is a fabulous Gift Box idea.  It will be a fun experience for the Newlyweds to enjoy and create new memories together.  Select a set of good quality pure linen table napkins and a bottle of Elite Bubbly to finish off.  
  • Matching Bathrobes is a traditional but wonderful gift idea.  Make sure you choose good quality bathrobes.  Finish this Gift with personalized embroidery such as Mr & Mrs or Hers and His etc.  
  • A Stylish Throw, Scented candle and Diffuser will enhance any living space.  It will engage the senses and add to a meaningful gifting experience. Use products that perform well and will provide a more lasting experience for the couple to enjoy together.  
  • Many couples love alfresco dining and choose to enjoy cheeseboards quite often.  Choose a handcrafted wooden Cheese Board.  You can add engraving such as the couples names or Wedding date.  Compliment this will a stylish cheese knife set.  Adding a soft fabric with this such as as set of linen tea towels (you can never have enough) or linen table napkins, will provide a wonderful textural element to your Gift Box.  You might include a very good truffle oil or balsamic vinegar to play to the Cheeseboard theme and a superb bottle of wine.  Make  sure you know the coupes preferences.

For more ideas visit Gifts of Distinction

I hope this has been helpful to you in choosing a Wedding Gift Box for the Wedding Couple.  And more importantly that the day you share with your friends and family surpasses your expectations in every way.