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Five Gift Box Ideas for Weddings - Part 1

Preparing for the Big Day can be as much fun as it can be stressful. So I have put together 5 Gift Box ideas to make life easier for you when deciding on Gifts for the Bridal Party.

You will want to gift your Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids with an appropriate thank you gift as a Bride. In like manner, as a Groom, you will be thinking about your Best Man and groomsmen and what to give them as a Thank you Gift. 

These people have important roles to play leading up to and during your Big Day. They are also usually people with whom you have a closer relationship. So you will want to present them with something a little more personal and meaningful.

For your Maid of Honor and Best Man, choose a gift that expresses more value and equals the role they will need to fulfill. It is your way of expressing appreciation for the amount of support and work they will be doing on your behalf. The role may also include wiping away tears and calming your nerves, and of course, arranging the pre-wedding parties.

5 Gift Box ideas for Weddings:-

  • Maid of Honor- Choose something a little more substantial. A pure linen robe, a small bottle of bubbles, a scented candle, engraved jewelry.  
  • Best Man - You know him well, so gift something special. His favorite drink, an engraved leather keyring, leather wallet, hipflask, or notebook. Personalized funky socks or a quality tie. 
  • Bridesmaids - Keep your Gift Boxes similar. Include a beautifully packaged bath bomb, notebook and pen to match, nail treatments and nail polish, or a clay mask with an organic facecloth. Add craft chocolate and a favorite drink such as bubbles or a mixer. 
  • Groomsmen - Include a chocolate cigar, a small bottle of whiskey, a shaving gel, a pack of playing cards, a hipflask, or a quality pen.  
  • Guests - Here, you get to be creative. Depending upon your budget, it can range from a custom boxed cookie to a set of beautiful guest towels with custom embroidery. A great little idea for a more rustic feel is to have small honey pots, bought locally, presented in a Kraft box with a personalized 'Thank you tag attached. Writing a personal message by hand gives a special touch and will make your guests feel valued. Handmade gifts have become very popular such as handmade candles or miniature bottles of preserves. Finish off with a small bouquet of dried herbs or flowers. If your wedding is more minimalist, think of clean lines and lighter or darker colors. (Contrasts are striking) Miniature candles presented in a plain box to match, with custom printing. A bottle of wine with your personal label for your guest to take home. You will want to pull in your bridal colors through to your table settings, including your wedding favors. Presentation and personalization will be critical no matter what your budget might be. 

So have some fun with the Gift Box choices. We hope you will have the Best Day possible and it turns out better than you dreamed!