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Evocative collection through quality craftmanship

Evocative collection through quality craftmanship

It’s been a very exciting process, and indeed continues to be, sourcing products for our clients and customers.  I wanted to develop a collection that would add a little extra something, something special, something meaningful.  I will chat about more of these products over time and why they were chosen to be part of our collections. 

One such product is the Chloe wash bag.  It is beautiful example of quality craftmanship.  The bag is made of soft goat leather, gently washed to create a light suede texture with woven leather side panels. This is part of an evocative design collection which brings together the finest handcrafted items using natural materials, but with a contemporary interpretation.

This gorgeous wash bag is part of the Limited Edition Re-Luxe collection.  This stunning piece will engage your senses on so many levels! We absolutely love it! And we hope you will love it too!

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