Convenience conspires with Luxury

Convenience conspires with Luxury

Interior design has been a passion of mine for some time and I keep abreast with the trends. 

Our life at any given point in history determines architecture and interior design trends. 

Today we live in a fast-paced world with very little spare time. Our lifestyle demands quick and easy outcomes with as little inconvenience to ourselves as possible. 

More than ever we have geared toward a clean, minimal no fuss type of lifestyle.  Even so we still need luxury and a touch of glamour to feel a little indulgent and just that little bit rewarded. New future design trends seem to be conspiring with luxurious options while retaining an integrity to a self sustaining way of life.  It will be a marriage made in heaven! It is very exciting to see these trends begin to slowly unfold. 

We hope you will get the sense of this as you enjoy your choices from Gifts of Distinction.  We bring you collections that are both useful and beautiful and many of which will add a sparkle in your life!

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