Best Cocktail Gift Boxes

Best Cocktail Gift Boxes

There has been some debate over whether the Cocktail was an American or an English invention.  The important thing is that it was invented and has been improved upon for years since.

Cocktail making is a bit of a science, so a few essential tools are needed.  Among several needed items you will also need a Jigger to measure and a great cocktail shaker.

To curate the Best Cocktail Gift Box, you need to know which basics to include.  We have chosen a few high-end choices such as the stylish and elegant Melrose glass Cocktail Shaker by Kate Spade and a matching Jigger and Long Spoon.  This Gift choice will also add a touch of class to your Bar-Cart and make quite the statement. 

We have paired this gorgeous combo with a Cocktail recipe Book.  You will find signature recipes from Iconic and Inspirational Woman from around the world, Nigella Lawson, Beyonce, Edith Piaf, Maya Angelou to name a few.

Of course, you will need a start to your basic selection of ingredients for your Cocktail.  We have selected Scapegrace GOLD made in New Zealand. This Gin has 13 exotic botanical's, glacial New Zealand waters, and all born of a copper pot still. All concealed beneath a 24-carat disk.  It is a sign of a modern 57% gin with more control. The ultimate gin for crafting cocktails. View Cocktails and Dreams Gift Box.

So, when putting together the Best Cocktail Gift Box, select products that touch on all the important elements when making a brilliant Cocktail.  It will prove to be a pleasing start and a fabulous Cocktail Gift Box choice.