A Story and A Gift Box

A Story and A Gift Box

In business many start out with a bold and audacious vision.  Some succeed and some do not.  But most will have one thing in common, a story of their journey. 

This is similar to the act of Gift Giving with a difference. The giver becomes an important part of that journey. The receiver is the storyteller.  How you want that story to be told is up to you. 

For most people a happy ending is a better option.  How do you ensure this translates to your Gift Giving?

Too many times we rush into the act of Gift Giving thinking that we can simply throw something together into a Gift Box and it will all work out.  But will it? When we begin the act of giving, do we give intentional thought to our Gifting?  What do I mean?

If you want a happy ending it means you need to allow the receiver to drive your Gifting decision.  You do this by taking in account what they like, what they do not like.  What will make them happy and what will not make them happy.  Stay focused.

I would like to tell you a story...

Once upon a time a young girl was given a gift by her older sister.  The gift was a porcelain jewelry box with a pretty porcelain bow.  It was hand painted with delicate little flowers in soft tones of pink and green.  It was wrapped in tissue and put into a lovely box.  This gift was perfect.  It was exactly what the young girl would have chosen for herself.  It touched her heart greatly because her sister had found something so perfect for her.

After 40 years I still treasure that little keepsake.  My sister became an important part of the gifting journey and my story will always include her when I think about that lovely little gift, her kindness and thoughtfulness.  The same will be true of you when you give with intention.

In our Business we love being part of your journey.  With intention and focus we deliver gifts that will make a difference and hopefully give you the story you want.  Please take some time to view our Collections.  They are as individual as those receiving them.  A Story in a Gift Box. https://giftsofdistinction.co.nz/