Ancient teapots on green background

A Love Affair with Tea!

The origin of tea is thought to date back to China as far as 5000 years ago.  From medicinal purposes to a pleasurable and refreshing drink, tea has an old and distinguished history.  It has become an integral part of cultures across the world. 

The Portuguese and Dutch first imported tea into Europe in 1610. Rembrandt, the great impressionist artist was just 4 years old!  England's love affair with tea did not start until 1662 when King Charles II married the Portuguese princess Catherine of Braganza. She began serving the tea to her aristocratic friends at Court, and word of the exotic Royal beverage spread quickly. Tea quickly became a status symbol of wealth and luxury.

High tea, as we know it today, was very different in its day.  This was a 19th century working class custom and was very similar to our evening dinner (or ‘tea’ as many still call it)  Afternoon tea was, however,  associated with the taking of light refreshments and a pot of tea in the afternoon and was viewed more of a ladies social diversion. 

Today, our love for tea continues and we are so grateful that we can so readily have access to the most wonderful teas and blends imaginable.  In the words of Sir Arthur Pinero  - “When there’s tea there’s hope!” 

We hope you will enjoy the selection of teas in our Gift boxes.  To name a few, we have included Masala Chai with natural spices cardamon, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, nutmeg and pepper.  Sakura Spring tea is a pure green, long leaf tea from the high elevations of Ceylon with cornflower, cherry, pomelo and flavour cherry. The blooming of Sakura, or cherry blossoms is a symbol of Spring season. The Sakura is one of most well-known icons and symbolizes the ephemeral nature of beauty.

You will find these wonderful teas and more in our Tea Junction, Pretty In Pink and our Sands of Time Collections.