What's Your Favourite Day?

What's Your Favourite Day?

I love lazy Sunday’s and I think you might resonate with a day like this.  A slow thoughtful start to the day.  (I start to smile just thinking of it!)  Enjoying a great cup of freshly brewed coffee in bed, while browsing through a favourite magazine. Easing out of the comfort of soft covers and making your way to the kitchen.  Hmmm, pancakes are the order of the day you may think…

One of our favorites are buttermilk pancakes smothered in amber maple syrup from Quebec. Produced in very small quantities, this syrup is made exclusively from sap harvested in the first 3 days of the run. Fine and velvety with aromas of honeysuckle and cinnamon.  And, of course, some crispy bacon on the side.  Simply heaven! 

It is the sort of day we hum through at a gentle pace, refreshing our minds and filling our hearts with warmth and love. Such small pleasures bring meaningful refreshment.  Whatever the weather, nothing can beat the pace and reflection of this glorious turn of day. 

So, to honor this wonderful sort of day we curated the gift box Collection ‘Lazy Sunday’.  We have included a fabulous recipe book, a winner pancake mix, Maple Syrup from Quebec and a set of simply stunning baking measuring cups which will become a treasured keepsake. 

We hope you will enjoy a beautiful day, however you like it and whenever you take it. And we hope you will love our new Gift Box Collection, Lazy Sunday